Just as water and oars are essential to rowing, collaboration and team work are integral to achieving success in this sport. Therefore, we prioritize cultivating robust partnerships and offering exclusive rewards to those who contribute to our team.


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Meet our B2B Partners

Inside Boot

Since 2014, Inside Boot has been a renowned repair shop in the world of building racing rowing boats in Germany. They specialize in repairing and maintaining boats, including canoes, kayaks, outriggers, skulls and more. Their expertise extends to GRP and CFRP repairs on sports and sailing boats too.

L'Atelier Composite

Meet L ‘Atelier Composite, the experts in rowing and water sports sales and repairs for over 30 years. From rowing to sailing, kayaking, and more, they provide professional support for all your boat and equipment needs. Their precision, rigor, and high standard sensure your materials are treated with care and passion.

All About Sport

Meet All About Sport, founded in 2002 to meet the growing needs of Rowing and Canoe-Kayak sports. With extensive experience and strong management knowledge, they specialize in importing specialized machines and marketing fitness equipment for various sports, including home training.

True Sport

TrueSport provides and creates functional sportswear, specializing in endurance sports. TrueSport aims for administrators of sports clubs or companies to be able to focus on the objectives of the association or the company. Taking the burden off our customers is an integral part of this. TrueSport offers easy ordering, reliability, and support.

Falcon Racing

The producers of Falcon Racing have been on the market since 2000. Also in Germany and Switzerland. We are very proud that so many teams and rowers from many parts of the world have decided to try our boats and have been able to see for themselves that we really live our motto “Quality doesn’t have to be expensive”.

Hinksey Sculling School

Hinksey Sculling School provides professionally run training for athletes wishing to learn how to scull and row on the water, at a pace that suits each individual. This can lead to competition or simply relaxed recreation. HSS operates under the principle that initial training in a single scull optimises athletes’ full potential in the sport, and HSS club policy is therefore to provide all athletes with the skill of single sculling.

Orrlabda .hu Kft. is a Hungarian small business focusing on home fitness and rowing, which is the Hungarian representative of the Waterrower, NOHrD, RP3 and Filippi brands. Our Grinder store is both a WaterRower NOHrD showroom and a rowing shop. Visit us and discover our brands. We also deal with sponsor and Polar products.

Vega Réalisations Composites

Vega was created in 1991, the result of two men’s passion for rowing and technical innovation. After being widely established in rowing clubs in France, Vega has won over international clubs and now exports its boats all over the world.

Salani Costruzioni Nautiche

Design, construction and repair of rowing and rowing boats in Limite sull’Arno (FI). Since 1950, SALANI Costruzioni Nautiche has had 2000 m2. of production space and specialized workers, creating rowing boats (Outriggers) for athletes and masters from all over the world that have made and are making the history of rowing.

Schröder Rowing Service

Schröder Rowing Service GmbH has existed for 25 years. Our team consists of 9 employees, one of whom is in training. We mainly develop and produce rowing accessories. Many leading German and European companies now use accessories from Schröder Rowing Service GmbH. We constantly improve the quality of our products, adapting to the increased demands of our customers.



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