Read about our success story.
How we started with the vision of creating
your favourite rowing shoe
and ended up collaborating with an Olympic Champion.

Start: Model Lago

It was the year 2014 and a big sport brand just stopped their rowing shoe production.  As we couldn’t find another shoe that fitted our needs we realized it was our place to step up. That‘s how our vision started. The vision of the perfect rowing shoe.

After days, weeks and months of engineering and testing, our prototype went into production and our first model was ready for racing. Model Lago was born and sold to exclusive clients in Europe and North America.

original shoe 1

The Successor:
Model Thomas Lange

After three years in the market, we received feedback that made us realize there were long-term weaknesses we desperately needed to fix. These weaknesses included material, comfort and especially durability.

It then ocurred that we met german rowing legend and olympic champion Thomas Lange in northern germany in 2017 at a regatta and he was ready to join our vision.

“I liked the idea of developing a high quality
rowing shoe which athletes and clubs could afford.”

Influenced by his experience we did a complete redesign of our rowing shoe.

With this model, we improved the material and connection of the sole and the upper shoe. We changed the cut of the forefoot and heel as we improved the quality and position of our Velcro fasteners and connectors. The result was the ideal shoe for rowers and rowing clubs regarding price, quality and durability.

A new champion under the horizon of rowing shoes was crafted, tested and sold worldwide under the new name: model “Thomas Lange”.

We talked to Thomas Lange about outr partnership and developing the ideal rowing shoe:

Our Champion:
Model Thomas Lange GOLD EDITION

With more and more rowers using our rowing shoes, we received much more valuable feedback and and were able to release an upgraded version of “Ruderschuhe Thomas Lange” in 2022.

The “Thomas Lange Gold Edition” comes with a new design, an optimized weight, even better power transmission, improved screw holes and even more comfort for rowers.


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An interview from the 23rd of February 2021

Hello Dr. Lange, how is rowing these days?
Well, winter‘s still holding a tight grip on rowing, but hopefully it‘ll get going next week.

We hope so as well. Let‘s get straight to the first question:
How did the cooperation between you and JLSPORT come to be?

Back in 2017 I was looking for partners to improve the equipment of the Ratzeburger Rowing Club. At the regatta in Werder I met Kerstin Schilling from, JLSPORT.DE back then. She approached me with a prototype of the JLSPORT.DE rowing shoes, asking if I have any suggestions for improvement

So that‘s how the cooperation started.
What was your first thought when you heard about the possibility of working on the development of a rowing shoe?

I really liked the idea, since I‘ve alway enjoyed testing new things in rowing.
Additionally I felt obbliged to pass my knowledge and experience on to other rowers through these shoes. After a quick test I realized a couple of things. The heels were too high, the strap was too deep and the entry was too tight. I then suggested changes so that you don‘t bump into the tab when rolling forward for example.
Furthermore, I lied the idea of developing a high-quality shoe that more rowers and rowing clubs can afford. That‘s certainly not an issue with professional top athletes – they always have best material and equipment available, so they definitely don‘t have to row in extremely used rowing shoes. That comes with a price. The result is that in clubs or respectively broad sport you see a lot of shoes that are either too big, worn out or just broken.
I saw the cooperation as an opportunity to help improve the quality of rowing shoes in general.

We share the same goal. Do you row with the “Thomas Lange” rowing shoes yourself?
Yes, in some boats.

What do you particularly like about the shoes?
The fact that they turned out exactly as I had imagined them to. A rowing shoe for all rowers and requirements. Excellent fit.
They are comfortable, do not pinch or chafe. They are wearable in the winter and don’t get too hot in the summer. They give
stability, but have the right flex in the right places and thy still give you the boat control you need. Especially the last point is extremely important in my opinion. You feel connected to the boat and quickly develop a feeling for it.

Do you wish these shoes had been around when you started your rowing career?
Sure! I started rowing when there were no shoes in boats, and if there were, they were too soft, perforates or simply out of place. I also distinctively remember racing with broken soles. Obviously there was no comfort an no optimized boat control. Therefore, I would have welcomed such rowing shoes with joy.

We are glad to hear that!
One last question: Which rowers and clubs would you recommend the „Thomas Lange“ rowing shoes to:
To all of them. Young to old. Small-footed and big-footed. From beginners to professionals. Basically everyone with the desire, the aspiration for high-quality rowing and according equipment.

We totally agree. Thank you for this interview.
My pleasure.


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